The Team

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ATEKNEA Solutions Hungary Kft. is a Hungarian private research organization established in Budapest in 2003. Our mission is to boost economic growth and competitiveness by facilitating implementation of innovative technologies. ATEKNEA provides services to a broad range of international clientele in the private and public sector and serves the public interest by promoting sustainable development. ATEKNEA is involved in numerous research projects funded by the European Commission and has a track record of successfully coordinating FP6 research projects and is now the coordinator of several FP7 research projects. In the last decade, ATEKNEA has worked with more than 500 SMEs from all over Europe in developing innovative technological solutions. The company has already more than 55 employees comprised of full-time researchers, many of them with PhD degrees from prestigious European universities, contributing to the research and technology development activities and an experienced project management team facilitating coordination, client relations and the take-up of research results. The company maintains extensive partnerships and collaboration agreements with technical universities, R&D organizations and industrial companies Europe-wide, enabling broad expertise to successfully resolve R&D tasks requiring an interdisciplinary background. ATEKNEA is an experienced R&D SME in areas related to information technologies, industrial electronics, and automation, as well as environmental technologies. Our mission is to bring expertise to research and development of new technologies and devise methods beneficial for the environment and communities. Our key area of interest and expertise is Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Information and Telecommunication Technologies, and Biomedical and Environmental Technologies information and their application to industrial environments.


Founded in 1976, our success depends largely on a team of experienced professionals in the field of hydrogeology, mechanical and chemical. We do not only offer consulting services, but also manufacture equipment for soil and groundwater remediation, water and off-gas treatment using innovative proprietary technology. IEG Technologie GmbH is a German company specializing in in-situ soil and groundwater remediation. IEG is a leading supplier of equipment and processes for hydraulic, microbiological and chemical remediation. IEG systems have been proven as an effective treatment tool for the remediation of groundwater contaminated with aliphatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC), benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene (BTEX), styrene, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, fuel oils, PAHs, phthalate, pesticides etc.


Since 2001 Hidronit has been working for the environment with multidisciplinary professionals with more than 15 years of experience. We have achieved a strong position in engineering and consulting as a specialized company by identifying risks and finding solutions for environmental problems using our design and engineering capacities. Hidronit offers solutions and assessment to its customers on their environmental problems, providing new technologies developed by the company. Our main activities are consulting, assessment and engineering on preventive systems, environment and pollution. Our services include consulting on environment and environmental management systems (ISO 14000, EMAS, Integrated systems ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001). Hidronit’s projects relate to water purification, solving industrial contamination problems in soil, residues, water, etc), while our customers are public and private institutions, mainly located in Spanish territory and occasionally in other European countries.


PRISMA is an SME with main mission to promote and support the right and affective use of new technologies in the field of electronics, information – communication technology and energy. It was established in 1992. Prisma has set-up a modern technological environment where technology and know how are the dominant elements, creating and the preconditions to develop and support tech application with high requirements. Our personnel is highly experienced, continuously trained and keeps up with the latest methods and practices. The company is organized into three main departments:

  • Electronic Department with an industrial facility unit for assembly (SMT and THT) of electronics parts and testing-measurement instruments for operational tests and inspections.
  • ICT Department with experts on wired and wireless computer networks and optical networks.
  • R&D Department is focused for over 8 years, on the field of intelligent wireless sensors, wireless communications, data acquisition on embedded devices with very low power consumption and new techniques for developing sensors with fibre optics and organic printed electronics. In order to support the activities of the R&D department we are running projects with CERN, ESA and a lot of national and EU technical institutes like VTT, Dimokritos, NTUA, AUTH, Techniker.


CapSenze was formed around an invention of a novel way to measure capacitance using a biosensor format. Research on the sensor has been performed for 15 years, but with competencies regarding electronic development entering the project, we managed to bring an academic lab setup to a commercially valid instrument. CapSenze develop and sell capacitive biosensor for use in e.g. clinical diagnostics. CapSenze is today in an intense phase of refining the product line. Together with several partners the biosensor platform is validated and tested. Two units were sold to Lund University for use as research equipment. Biosensors are manufactured in a standard design. Software and sensor chips are developed and tailored to each customer’s specific needs. The sensor chip is a consumable item. Customers will also be offered the service and support agreement.


BAYBIO is one of the largest and most successful non-profit applied research organizations in Hungary. The mission of the company is to enhance the effectiveness and position of Hungarian companies via innovation and technology transfer. The company provides cutting-edge technology and helps solve the complex scientific/engineering problems that partners face at both the domestic and international level. Applied research at BAYBIO focuses on three main areas: environmental biotechnology, nanotechnology, and material science. Current areas of research concern: biotic and abiotic reductive dehalogenation of chlorinated compounds, biotenzids, microbiological-enhanced oil recovery (MEOR), methane production from waste or heavy oils, bio- refineries, and changes to bacterial communities based on molecular-biology methodologies. BAYBIO’s most relevant national patents include: 1) Process to improve soil quality. Patent number: PCT/HU 02/00103, and 2) Biodegradation of sulfonated aromatic compounds. Patent number: P98 00077. BAYBIO has participated in the following projects:

  • ‘Chemical Industry and sustainable environment’ – Development of innovative, eco-friendly technologies. NKTH 2008/2. Sub-program 4: Sustainable environment.
  • ‘BIOFINE’- Restoring contaminated sites through advance bio-refining processes. NKTH/2007. Sub-program 4: Sustainable environment.


Lund University is the largest and the second oldest Swedish university. The Department of Analytical Chemistry houses 3 different research groups dealing with electrochemistry, enzyme- and immuno- based detection principles, enzyme reactors, flow injection analysis, cellular dynamics, analytical separation science, masspectrometry, sampling and trace enrichment. The department is world-wide acknowledged for its activity in the field of biosensors and bioaffinity. The laboratories are fully equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment. The senior scientists of the department have been permanently involved in several national and international projects with European, Asian and American research groups and industry. The framewor k programs of the European Union are well known for the department; several projects were and are coordinated by the groups during FP4, 5 and 6. Our group is coordinating presently one project and it is involved in three other ones, including a large network of excellence.


Golder Associates (Hungary) Zrt. – established in 1992 – is an independent operating company within the global network of the fully employee owned Golder Associates consulting engineering companies. GAH provides technical assistance, specialized ground engineering and consulting services related to environmental and geotechnical issues for local and international public and private sector clients. Our staff consists of engineers, scientists, technicians; nearly 50 people. Golder Associates (Hungary) Zrt. is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and has successfully implemented close to 1000 projects all around the country.