Our solution

Our intention is to build on recent advancements in the fields of sensor technology and low-cost wireless technology to address the need for a system for continuous monitoring of bioremediation processes. Our main idea is the development of a flexible and expandable, low cost online system for detecting subsurface microbial events in the subject of oxidative remediation techniques. The technology can also be used to anticipate the leakage of contaminated groundwater. Real time monitoring also allows for autonomous control and remote adjustment of the remediation process.

Our main objectives are:

  • Development of novel, ultra-low power consumption sensor types (chemical-physical systems) for monitoring subsurface changes in the context of remediation
  • Development of new generation of biosensors for the detection of aromatic compounds
  • Development of a low-cost, self-sustaining and expandable wireless communication system between sensors, the treatment unit and the remote client
  • Integration of the obtained data with pre-existing data analysis systems.
  • Development of a treatment unit with autonomous control and remote adjustment

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