News on work progress

The main objective of the INTELLIREMED project is develop a flexible and expandable, low cost online system for detecting subsurface microbial events allowing autonomous control and remote adjustment of the remediation process.

In order to identify the current end-user needs and to map the main requirements for INTELLIREMED, deep literature search and market survey were performed. The result of these tasks and the inputs of the partners were the base of the general system specification in which all the important modules and units were described.

In parallel with the general system specification the test field was being investigated and groundwater samples were analyzed by different microbiological methods in order to identify the nature and the main parameters of the test field and to determine the most optimal arrangement of INTELLIREMED system. The investigation were especially focused on the field’s microflore activity. These references measurements will be playing key role in the future developments of the biosensor unit.

The development of the MFC units started in month 3. By the end of the period the main achievement in this work package was the 65% increase in performance of the MFC unit compared to laboratory scale units which was accomplished by optimised unit arrangement and size parameters as well as adding new bacteria strain and retard carbon source to the system.

The development of the biosensor system started in month 3 as well. Optical detection system will be coupled with the biosensing element therefore Pseudomonas veronii was modified according to the protocol suggested by BAYBIO. Proper immobilisation technique was developed and tested by LUND as well.

The development of the wireless sensor nodes and power management unit started in month 3. In the first period the wireless components were selected and based on the preliminary RSSI tests the Waspmote unit was selected which boasts of optimal mesh topology, low price and ultra-low power consumption.

The detailed concept was clarified for the development of the automated treatment unit while the integration tasks has just started so more news will come along in the near future.