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IPR watch

The developed INTELLIREMED biosensor device is an original and highly functional technology platform. The main use of the device as a field-adopted, portable and autonomous sensor for environmental applications is of great interest in a multitude of situations besides as a tool for the monitoring and control of soil remediation purposes. Hence, CapSenze has a great interest to find the best way to protect IP around the application, method and design of the INTELLIREMED biosensor device. Several meetings with CapSenze patent attorney has led to a clear strategy for how they will proceed with the issue of protecting the IP of the INTELLIREMED biosensor device. The commercial result IP protection Owner The complete INTELLIREMED system which includes autonomous monitoring and control system for soil remediation Copyright and Trade secret All SMEs Microbial fuel cell based wireless sensor system Copyright and Trade secret All SMEs Biosensors for monitoring aromatic and poly-aromatic hydrocarbons Patent...

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Technology watch

Technology watch provides the continuous update of the KM system with information of any competing research work being performed by other groups. The consortium identified the following similar protected patents. Although there aren’t many patents available in this field, some patents are existing: Name Publication number Date Method and apparatus for groundwater basin storage tracking, remediation performance monitoring and optimization WO2011143130 A3 23/02/2012 Method and system for detection and remediation of the degradation of the sensor signal in a monitoring device EP1892504 A3 25/02/2009 Methods and supporting telemetry to determine, monitor and control the metagenomic and physical states of grease interceptors, FOGs, vaults and other waste collecting enclosures US8471725 B2 25/06/2013 Bioremediation device CA2689723 A1...

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